Pursuing Claims for Medical Mistakes in Louisiana

Through more than two decades of experience, medical malpractice lawyer Tony Tramontana has gained significant insight into how to analyze potential medical mistake cases. He knows what to look for, how to read medical records and which questions to ask to ensure he quickly gets to the bottom of each case. He has built a strong network of experts to call on for guidance to help review potential cases, and to build strong cases against negligent hospitals, nursing homes and medical practitioners.

Moreover, Tony knows how to break sometimes extremely complex medical issues into easy-to-understand terms so our clients always know what is happening during their cases. This is true regardless of the specific medical error they suffered from.

Handling all Claims Involving Medical Errors

Medical mistakes arise out of a variety of situations, some of which include:

  • Anesthesia errors, including overdose, lack of oxygen and avoidable allergic relations
  • Surgical errors, including wrong site surgery, performing unnecessary surgery and leaving objects behind after surgery
  • Labor and delivery errors, including birth injuries, shoulder dystocia and failure to timely perform cesarean section surgery errors
  • Prescription medication errors, including prescribing the wrong drug or administering the wrong dosage
  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis errors, including failure to recognize a dangerous ongoing condition by your primary care provider, such as cancer or a deadly heart condition, or a misdiagnosis or  failure to recognize dangerous conditions upon presentation to a hospital emergency room, or even while being treated in the hospital
  • Supervision errors, including allowing unsupervised and weak and often highly medicated  patients to fall in hospitals

If you have suffered an injury due to a medical error listed above, or any other error for that matter, turn to our dedicated, experienced law firm for help. We also work closely with family members who have lost loved ones due to doctor mistakes.

The Role of Guilt in Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

We’ve seen it time and time again. Our clients come into our office with a huge weight of guilt on their shoulders. Maybe its guilt for not having taken a loved one to a different hospital. Maybe its guilt for not having spoken out loudly enough about your concerns. Or maybe its guilt for even considering pursing a lawsuit, because, hey, you just aren’t that type of person.

Let us tell you right now that we understand, and that we will work with you to get over this emotional hurdle so you can focus on the practicality of the situation. You have been hurt. You need help recovering your losses, such as lost wages and medical expenses. Or perhaps you have lost a loved one, and you need help covering final payments or setting up a financial safety net for the left-behind family.

Medical Mistakes Happen – Get Help When They Happen to You

The truth of the matter is, mistakes happen. We are all only human. And this is why we all have insurance. If you run a stop sign, that doesn’t make you a bad driver or a bad person. You just made a mistake. If that resulted in an accident, well, it was just an accident. Accidents happen. That is why you have insurance. Insurance swoops in to help right the situation.

The same situation holds true for doctors. Sometimes medical mistakes happen. That is why malpractice insurance exists – to make sure that when those mistakes happen, there is an avenue for injured individuals to pursue. So do not hold back on seeking compensation for your injuries or losses. There is a system set in place for this scenario. Seek help putting that system to work for you.

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