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We understand that suffering and injury or loss at the hands of a trusted doctor, nurse or other medical professional is the last thing you ever expect when seeking treatment. At the offices of J. Antonio Tramontana – Attorney at Law, we also know how hard it can be to even consider pursuing a lawsuit against that professional. In hard times such as these, we do our best to help you understand that this legal claim is not about who you are suing – it is about you and making sure you are taking all steps possible to right the wrong you suffered.

review of medical malpractice lawyerWhat is Considered to be Medical Malpractice?

A large part of our medical malpractice cases involve hospital negligence claims. There are many great hospitals near Monroe, and throughout Louisiana.  But sometimes the doctors and professionals in these hospitals cause an injury to or wrongful death of a patient. These doctors, known as hospitalists, are not your primary care doctors, but are instead the doctors employed by the hospitals in which they work.

These cases also often include errors made in the Emergency Department of the hospital.  Very often you will find doctors working in the Emergency department, practicing front line emergency medicine, who were never formally trained in emergency medicine, but instead were trained in other areas of medicine, such as family medicine. These physicians are usually not employed by the hospital in which they work, and instead are employed by outside corporations.

When a doctor in the hospital is the cause of injury or death, we quickly must determine who is responsible for that doctor’s actions. In many instances, it is the hospital itself. In others, it is a faceless corporation.  While you may also have the opportunity to pursue a claim against the negligent staff member, your greatest chance at success in obtaining a fair financial recovery may come through the hospital claim or a claim against an unknown corporation.

Handling a Variety of Healthcare Malpractice Claims

In addition to hospital malpractice cases, our Monroe law firm also handles a litany of claims arising out of other instances of medical mistakes and medical negligence:

Why Work With Our Ouachita Parish Law Firm?

For more than two decades, attorney Tramontana has focused on assisting individuals who lost loved ones or who were hurt through negligent medical care. Over these years, Tony’s reputation for being the lawyer to call if you have a med mal or medical neglect question has grown across the state and the industry.

Additionally, Tony has honed his ability to pursue medical malpractice cases to the greatest extent of the law. In Louisiana, the law states clearly that damages in med mal claims are to be no higher than $500,000, exclusive of legal interest, past medical expenses and in some cases future medical care. Being very knowledgeable with this law, Tony has executed several cases beyond the $500,000 limit. This first-hand experience is invaluable when it comes time for us to evaluate the merits of a new claim.

Not Sure if You Have a Case? Call Us To Find Out.Tony Tramontana - Medical Malpractice Attorney

Most clients who walk into our office are looking for answers. They don’t know what happened to them or their loved ones, and they don’t know if they have a potential lawsuit. In some situations, they may know they have a case, but they don’t know if it is worth pursuing.

Does this sound familiar to you? If so, don’t hesitate to call us at 318-340-1515 or email our injury law firm to schedule a free consultation with our lawyer. We’ll listen to you, review any records you have, and offer our sound opinion as to whether you have a valid claim. Many times, our clients leave knowing they don’t have a solid claim, but with the invaluable peace of mind of simply knowing what happened.

You need to understand that, if you have suffered, you deserve compensation for it. You also need to know that filing a medical malpractice lawsuit does not mean you are attacking the person who made a mistake. Indeed, all you are doing is looking for help to manage your new injury or loss. You deserve at least that much.


Attorney Tony Tramontana is a diplomate of the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys. Mr. Tramontana is one of only a handful of attorneys to achieve such distinction; a distinction which demonstrates skill and expertise in the field of medical malpractice proven through rigorous testing and examination.

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